woensdag 18 januari 2017

The Solar Latin Club Part 4

The Solar Latin Club is promoting a lot of (latin) artists from around the world, and The Solar Latin Club is offering a lot of free downloads.
I previous posted three other articles about Dj El Chino and The Solar Latin Club and also posted 8 CD's with compilations taken from the free downloads.
Since this is a on-going proces I am able to post two new CDs from those free downloads. As always I designed the covers for the CD's myself.
Pity I still didn't hear anything from DJ El Chino or someone else from The Solar Latin Club about my article(s).
Take notice that the CD's are ment as promotion for Salsa and Latin Music in general.
166 Mb166 Mb
Just Click on a CD to view a bigger version.

Links to:
Solar Latin Cub (Main web site)
The Fan List (Downloads, Registration)
The Compilations by DJ El Chino (Old School Salsa, World Series and so on)

I tried to contact DJ El Chino several times about this article and my compilations, but i never got an answer.
All the songs from the compilations are available as free downloads as far as i know.
I hope this wil promote The Solar Latin Club and i can recommend a visit, it is really worth it!

Please enjoy the posted compilations.

URL links naar:
Solar Latin Cub (de web-site)
The Fan List (downloads en registratie)
De compilaties van DJ El Chino (Old School Salsa, World Series enz.)
Ik heb meerdere malen geprobeerd om contact te krijgen met DJ El Chino over dit artikel en mijn compilaties, maar ik heb nooit een antwoord gekregen.
Alle nummers op de compilaties zijn beschikbaar als gratis downloads voor zover ik weet.
Ik hoop dat dit artikel de Solar Latin Club zal promoten en ik kan een bezoek aanraden, het is het echt de moeite waard!


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