woensdag 8 juni 2016

SALSA ANDINA - The best of Orquestas Salsa del Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico.

The CD called Salsa Andina was released in Colombia in 2012, but it is now available on Spotify and it's a good reflection of the Salsa music in the 70's in countries like Peru.
Some orchestras used a popular pop song or a classical compilation from Beethoven and gave it their own swing. The result is very entertaining music, this compilation is a must for everyone who likes Salsa music.
Here is the song list:
1. Muchachita - Sabotage Orquesta (Peru)
2. La Quinta Sinfonia De Bethoven - Enrique Lynch Y Su Orquesta (Peru)
3. Canguil Con Salsa - Hector Manito Bonilla (Ecuador)
4. Salsa Con Mi Combo - Los Papasotes (Ecuador)
5. Mi Suerte Llego - El Combo De Loza (Peru)
6. Salsa 73 - Pedro Miguel Y Su Maracaibo (Peru)
7. La Bien Paga - Blacio Jr Y Su Orquesta (Ecuador)
8. La Contamina - Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta (Peru)
9. Obsesion - Sonora Los Bucaneros (Ecuador)
10. En Tu Camino - Sabotage Orquesta (Peru)
11. Bochinchosa - Paco Zambrano Y Su Orquesta (Peru)
12. La Tarantula - Charlie Palomares Y Su Orquesta (Peru)
13. El Bravo Soy Yo - Orquestas Madison (Peru)
14. Quimba - Sonora Sotarrivas (Mexico)
15. Samba Katanga- Enrique Lynch Y Su Orquesta (Peru)
16. Guaguanco En Veracruz - Sonora Sotarrivas (Mexico)
17. Dale Fuera - Federico Y Su Combo Latino (Venezuela)
18. El Padrino - El Combo De Loza (Peru)
19. Una Rumba En Mi Barrio - Pepe Y Su Banda (Peru)
20. Oye Mi Guaguanco - Compay Quinto (Peru)
21. Olvidame - Sonora Los Bucaneros (Ecuador)
22. Muevete - Los Blancaguay (Peru)
There is also a volume 2 in this serie, but I am not able to obtain it (costs over 40 US$, to get it to me),
so if someone can help me with that one it would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy this old school Salsa / Guaguanco from Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico.


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