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Salsa World Wide - Japan - Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band.

Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band is a Japanese latin jazz big band led by Carlos Kanno from Orquesta de la Luz.
The Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band started out as a group of friends playing for fun and evolved into an 19-piece ensemble. Boasting five percussionists, a three-piece rhythm section, and powerful horns, the group released their first album Live in Yokohama in 1998. They have played at various jazz festivals and venues, including Carnegie Hall in New York, United States.

Shirō Sasaki, Trumpet
Masanor Suzuki, Trumpet
Kenji Matsushima, Trumpet
Sho Okumura, Trumpet
Hideaki Nakaji, Trombone
Dairo Miyamoto, Bass Saxophone
Taisei Aoki, Trombone
Kan Nishida, Bass Trombone
Kazuhiko Kondo, Alto Saxophone
Masahiro Fujioka, Alto Saxophone
Manteru Nonoda, Tenor Saxophone
Salt Shionoya, Piano
Getao Takahashi, Bass
Akira Jimbo, Drums
Carlos Kanno, Percussion
Michiaki Tanaka, Percussion
Cosmos Kapitza, Percussion
Gen Ogimi, Percussion
Yoshi Iba, Percussion
Nettai I - Live in Yokohama (1998)
Nettai II - September (1999)
Nettai III - My Favorite (2000)
Nettai IV - La Rumba (2000)
Nettai V - La Noche Tropical (2001)
Nettai VI - En Vivo (2002)
Nettai VII - Spain (2003)
Nettai VIII - The Covers (2004)
Nettai IX - Mas Tropical (2005)
Nettai X - Swing con Clave (2006)
Nettai XI - Let's Groove (2007)
Nettai XII - The Originals (2008)
Carlos Kanno - Sings! featuring Tropical Jazz Big Band (2008)
Nettai XIII - Fantasy (2009)
Nettai XIV - Liberty (2010)
Nettai XV - Covers 2 (2012)
Nettai XVI - Easy Lover (2014)
Who would have ever thought at the time of their emergence that an all Japanese band would be playing Latin music!!! It turned out to be a positive new twist to the world of Latin music and dance.
The Nettai Tropical Jazz Big band is a competent, professional big-band that makes salsa and Latin jazz, with a full, round sound, steady rhythms, and enough sizzle to get you dancing.
Sources: WikiPedia
You can download the first 3 albums (password protected) from my blog as an introduction to the group, check the remarks.


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