vrijdag 27 november 2015

A Guide to Rueda de Casino - Dancing The Beautiful Weel

For those just starting to take an interest in Rueda de Casino, this guide provides information on the dance, where it came from, how it works, how it varies, and a 'survival kit' of things to think about when you are learning, including teamwork, timing, and making sense of all those calls. For those learning to call, the guide covers the skills involved in being a Rueda caller, and provides pointers to help you think about choreography, sequencing moves, adding variety and fun, improvisation, switching between dance positions, keeping everything under control, and using hand signals in noisy environments. For experienced dancers and callers looking to extend their repertoire, well over 700 calls and variations are noted, relating to around 650 individual moves. Detailed descriptions and notes for each of these moves are included as an aide memoire, organised by dance position and similarity. All of the moves in the 'Norwegian Rueda Standard 2011' are included. Several less well known variations are described; Rueda dos parejas for 2 couples, Rueda linea dancing in a line, Rueda cruzada two interleaved Ruedas, Rueda llanta sets of 2 couples making one big circle and the challenging Rueda espejo mirror Rueda. If this still isn't enough variety the guide includes descriptions of some Rueda games you can have fun with at party time.
For more info check HERE or buy it from Amazon.
Voor de Nederlandse lezer: dit is echt de beste web-site voor Rueda Calls en informatie over Rueda de Casino, de site wordt bijgehouden door Jeroen Tange en hij heeft er erg veel werk van gemaakt!


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