maandag 23 maart 2015

Salsa World Wide - Hungary

Cuban music has always been popular in Hungary. So it is not a surprize that there are operating some good latin bands in Hungary. A band which plays traditional Cuban music is Latin Combo Septeto Cubano.

A band from Hungary which I really appreciate because they play Timba is Barrio Latino. If you want to know what i am talking about then get the song 'Con Clave y Tambo - Featuring Danny Lazoda' for free from the Barrio Latino website, you only have to subscribe to the newsletter.
The album the band released late 2014, simply called Barrio Latino Hungria, contains 8 songs of 'Cuban' Timba.
You can buy and listen to the album "Barrio Latino Hungría" here:
The song Nadie Te da Na' is published on Youtube:

Barrio Latino is present on the compilation album 'Salsa en Europa' by DJ El Chino as well.

Have fun with some great music from Hungary


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