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Salsa World Wide - Sweden

I posted about Swedish Timba bands before but only in Dutch, I revised that post and now it fits perfectly in my 'Salsa World Wide' series of posts :-). If you think of Sweden you think of cold weather and not about Timba but there are two really nice Timba bands originating from Sweden.

La Tremenda - Suecia (2009) DL (VBR)

1. No.1 2:58
2. No Escuche A Tiempo 5:20
3. Tumba Vieja 3:28
4. Morocha Mi Corazon 3:28
5. No Limit 4:19
6. Lunes la Semana Completa 5:10
7. Mulata 5:34
8. Tu Forma [Intro] 0:24
9. Tu Forma 5:29

Magnus Almqvist the founder of the band La Tremenda has studied percussion in Cuba and was member of an Argentine Timba Band for 8 months. Back in Sweden he asked Johan Brolund to compose and arrange some songs for 'La Tremenda'.
The band members of La Tremenda play almost all styles of music and together they created a Timba style with their own influences.
They toured Sweden with several concerts and they had a performance in France. Their music received positive critics all over but because a problems with the budget it took 2 years before the album 'Sueca' was released.
If you want more background information please visit the myspace site or the official website of La Tremenda.
I know that Timba is not only played in Cuba but all over the World but for me it was really a surprise that this CD is released by a band from Sweden, if you listen to the CD you might think you are listening to a band from Havana, Cuba and that is a very big compliment for this band. The song 'No Limit' doesn't belong on the CD in my opinion, it is a nice song but it has nothing to do with Timba.

Calle Real – Me Lo Gane (2009) DL (VBR)
Somos Familia 5:49
El Amigo José 5:13
Me Lo Gané 5:42
Jugando Super Mario Bros 5:56
El Anillo 5:16
Los Dos Sabemos 7:46
La Eternidad Del Amor 5:55
Mi Melodía 5:18
El Dony 6:48
Ábreme La Puerta 6:32
Loco 5:40

Calle Real is another great Timba band from Sweden, this band was founded in 1999 by Patricio Sobrado, initially as a trio that played Cuban songs in the style of Buena Vista, the band has now become a group of 12 contemporary artists who play Timba with pop influences.
Calle Real is currently composed of the following members:
Thomas Sebastian Eby - vocals
Karl Frid - guiro, background vocals & trombone.
Petter Linde-trumpet.
Jacek Onuszkiewicz - trumpet.
Patricio Sobrado - tres, background vocals and founder of the band.
Gunnar Thullberg - keys & guitar.
Cezary Tomaszewski - trombone.
Andreas Unge - bass.
Rickard Valdes - congas and timbales.
Harry Wallin - drums & timbales.
Michel Zitron - background vocals.
Magnus Wiklund - trombone.
Several members of the current occupation have studied music in Cuba. Especially to mention is that Rickard Valdés is the son of legendary pianist Bebo Valdés.
In 2004 the band recorded five songs by the Swedish hip-hop label Redline Records. This was the base for the debut album from 2006 Calle Real - Con Fuerza DL (VBR).
The 2009 release 'Me Lo Gane'is filled with tasty Timba. There are a few songs that stand out for me and those are ‘El Dony’, ‘Me Lo Gane’ and ‘Abreme La Puerta’. Personally I think the songs are just a little too long for the dance floor but yeah I'm not 30 anymore ;-).
The official web site of Calle Real. Calle Real on MySpace.
Video’s on YouTube: Me Lo Gane, Ábreme La Puerta

I am very excited about these Swedish groups and about their released albums. I like to see more releases from Timba bands from Europe if they contain the same quality of music like the tracks on the albums of La Tremenda and Calle Real. It's good to see that Sweden has an active salsa scene that produced two quality Timba bands! It shows once again that good Timba is not only made in Cuba.

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